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Dish Network Smart Card

By Staff Writer

If you've been looking at satellite systems, you may have seen the term "Dish Network Smart Card". Just what is the Smart Card? And why do you need it?

As satellite television has evolved over the years, so has programming piracy. The brains behind the piracy were stealing the broadcast signal without paying for the service, leaving the satellite companies with a dilemma: how to prevent the piracy without hindering the service to their paying customers?

Dish Network's answer is the Smart Card.

The Dish Network Smart Card is a bright yellow replacement of the old, blue programming cards of the past. Those blue babies assisted with activation and programming setup but that's where their usefulness stopped. The Smart Card however, can do quite a bit more.

The Dish Network Smart Card is about the same size and shape as an ordinary credit card, with a few exceptions of course. Unlike the credit card, the Dish Network Smart Card uses a microprocessor instead of a magnetic strip. This tiny microprocessor is actually inside the Smart Card, protecting it from damage and prying eyes. It allows the card reader in your receiver to "talk" to your satellite company, making sure that you have the access you need and that your programming is delivered without a hitch. It keeps track of your premium purchases so you're only billed for what you actually watched and because the Dish Network Smart Card recognizes its receiver, you don't have to worry about signal theft if your card is ever lost or stolen.

In fact, the technology used in the Dish Network Smart Card is so popular, its beginning to show up in credit cards and wireless communication tools as well.

So, how do you use the Dish Network Smart Card?

Take just a minute to examine your card to be sure you've positioned it correctly. Insert it gently into your receiver and then let it go to work. If you ever need to remove your Smart Card, be sure to do so easily. Don't bend or jiggle your card and keep it away from magnets and static electricity. Take care of your Dish Network Smart Card and you'll find that the Smart Card takes care of you.

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